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1. Sebastian J. Szybka
The little book about the large universe
Philosophical Problems in Science, vol. 71, pp. 203-209 (2021).
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We live in extraordinary times for cosmologists. A vast amount of new astronomical data is pushing our model of the universe to its limits. An interest in cosmology is growing. "The Little Book of Cosmology" by Lyman Page offers a concise, up-to-date, and comprehensible introduction to the subject.

2. Editor: Sebastian J. Szybka
The 3rd Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity
Acta Physica Polonica B (2017), PL ISSN 1899-2358 [journal]


3. Sebastian J. Szybka
Równania Einsteina i efekt niejednorodności w kosmologii
W ,,Ogólna teoria względności a filozofia - sto lat interakcji'', red. P. Polak, J. Mączka, CCPress, pp. 127-142 [journal]


4. Edited by James Ladyman, Stuart Presnell, Gordon McCabe, Michał Eckstein, Sebastian J. Szybka
Road to Reality with Roger Penrose
CCPress [abstract] [preprint] [journal]

Where does the road to reality lie? This fundamental question is addressed in this collection of essays by physicists and philosophers, inspired by the original ideas of Sir Roger Penrose. The topics range from black holes and quantum information to the very nature of mathematical cognition itself.

5. Editors: Michał Eckstein, Michael Heller, Sebastian J. Szybka
Mathematical Structures of the Universe
Copernicus Center Press (2014) [abstract] [journal]

The book contains a collection of essays on mathematical structures that serve us to model the Universe. The authors discuss such topics as: the interplay between mathematics and physics, geometrical structures in physical models, observational and conceptual aspects of cosmology. The reader can also contemplate the scientific method on the verge of its limits.

6. Christa R. Ölz, Sebastian J. Szybka
Conformal and projection diagrams in LaTeX
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In general relativity, the causal structure of space-time may sometimes be depicted by conformal Carter-Penrose diagrams or a recent extension of these - the projection diagrams. The introduction of conformal diagrams in the sixties was one of the progenitors of the golden age of relativity. They are the key ingredient of many scientific papers. Unfortunately, drawing them in the form suitable for LaTeX documents is time-consuming and not easy. We present below a library that allows one to draw an arbitrary conformal diagram in a few simple steps.

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